Canon PIXMA G3200 Manual, User and Getting Started Guide

Canon PIXMA G3200 is equipped with a large ink silo on both sides of the front of the body (with a transparent window to visually view the ink balance), the slightly larger black ink silo is located on the left side of the mouth, while the three color ink compartments are located on the right side of the paper mouth, the structure of the all-in-one machine looks symmetrical and uses the space in the body very efficiently. The paper supply system does not use the current more popular front bottom feed, but the use of a more traditional back-end vertical feed method, its feed volume of about 100 pages (ordinary paper), the smaller volume of paper supply is obviously not in tune with the large-capacity ink warehouse design, a large number of printing is likely to add paper frequently. The design of the feed carrier is more erring, the large-size carrier can play a good supporting role on the paper, and the all-in-one machine can fold it down when not in use, with a certain dust-proof effect. Slightly regret, the Canon PIXMA G3200 is not equipped with automatic double-sided printing components, double-sided printing needs to manually flip the paper, for this, the driver provides the corresponding information support, choose the manual double-sided printing options, the driver will guide the user in the way of illustration into the printing paper for printing on the other side, the instructions are easy to understand, can play a very good auxiliary role. The printer uses two print heads in black and color, text printing quality is good, black text is clear, moderate concentration, the type also looks more regular, 8 small font text in the visual distance is easy to identify. In general, there are virtually no blemishes except for a slightly poor smoothness at the edges of the text. It’s worth noting that because the printer’s black ink is pigmented, the black text it prints naturally has excellent water resistance, so even newly printed documents don’t have to worry about scratching or losing color. In terms of graphics, the printer has moderate color saturation and light and darkness, a more uniform solid fill, and a smooth hierarchical transition, with only slightly less precision of the lines. Although only 4-color printing, but the photo printing quality (manual adjustment to the highest quality settings) is still good, its picture is clear, high precision, and has a good dynamic range, shadows and bright details have a better performance. However, the detail of the photo in general, close to see easy to see the drop of ink, in addition, because there is no black ink photo, the dark expression is poor, the picture does not look vivid enough. Of course, the Canon PIXMA G3200’s picture quality is perfectly acceptable for ordinary home photo printing or general commercial use. The control panel is located on the right side of the top of the fuse, which is equipped with only a few 4 keys, can only achieve a very basic copy operation, to say functional words are more limited. But don’t forget that the printer is a web-equipped model that works with Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY, Canon’s latest printing app(iOS and Android support), to print, scan photos or documents wirelessly from anywhere, while also accessing the rich printed materials and templates of Canon Cloud. In addition, with the help of printing applications, the Canon PIXMA G3200 can also achieve a more flexible mobile printing function, not only can access the AP as before, but also by selecting Wi-Fi direct connection to automatically establish a point-to-point wireless connection between all-in-one and smart devices. At the same time, the type of document printed is not limited to photos, for PDF and Office documents, printing APP can also be supported, which is very in line with the growing demand for a mobile office, practicality is still quite good.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Manual, User Guide, and Getting Started

Canon PIXMA G3200 Manual

Read/Download Manual for Canon PIXMA G3200 (User Manual)

Download the manual, User’s manual, or Getting Started Guide that necessary based on how you need it. the documents are can be used from basic to advanced printer users.

Canon PIXMA G3200 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)
Size: 13.57MB

Canon PIXMA G3200 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)
Size: 10.35MB

Canon PIXMA G3200 Getting Started Guide
Size: 3.32MB

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