Canon PIXMA TR8620 Manual, User and Getting Started Guide

The smart booklets and A3 photocopying function Canon PIXMA TR8620 are equipped with smart booklet layout settings, which can be completed without having to connect to a computer or complete complex photocopying and layout settings. Through the new booklet photocopying function, multi-page A4 documents can be scanned and automatically printed and printed in A3 size through the sender, making it easy to make A4 size booklets. New intelligent A3 photocopying, with a platform scanner to scan the left and right parts of the original A3, the printer will automatically collage scanning the original and printing in A3 size, to achieve the A3 size photocopying effect. Greatly simplify the printer’s user with a new design of the control panel, can manually adjust the angle, more convenient to use, the control panel has a 4.3-inch touch display, the new interface design is more clear and easy to use, the home menu content clearly displayed in the same screen, easy to use the home faster operation. Automatic duplex printing (A4) and disc-side printing Canon PIXMA TR8620 with automatic duplex printing for increased efficiency and reduced paper waste. In addition, cd-disc printing is also available, making it easy for the home to make a beautiful and unique disc surface. Support for two paper feed methods at the same time to place different printing paper rear feed tray can be placed up to 100 ordinary A3 printing paper, but also support all types of printing paper such as envelopes and new square and sheet printing sizes, while there is a front feed tray to place A4 ordinary printing paper, home can use the front and back two feed trays to place various types of paper, without changing paper at all times, printing more convenient. 20-page automatic sender, support multi-page scanning/photocopying with 20 pages of automatic feeder, can be placed A4 or Letter size paper, support multi-page scanning and photocopying, eliminating the inconvenience of manual operation, fast and reliable process, improve the efficiency of the workroom. 5 color independent ink system, ad hoc photo black ink, greatly enhance the photo contrast with 5 color independent ink system, ad hoc photo black ink to enhance the photo’s sense of hierarchy and contrast. Canon PIXMA TR8620 support for the latest nail sticker printing, home can be through the mobile phone program (expected to be launched in November) to pick the favorite photos or patterns, easy to make their own manicure stickers. Use your home to print the built-in 45 pattern paper templates to help you make your own scrapbook, gift wrapper, or book envelope. Support for full-square photo paper printing Instagram photo (127mm x 127mm), easy to print directly on social networks such as photo Instagram, no need to cut, easy to print more distinctive life photos; PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY smartphone app for direct photo printing, scanning and cloud printing Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY mobile phone application, through Wi-Fi wireless network, you can directly scan photos and files to iOS or Android mobile device, or directly from the mobile device to print photos and documents, without connecting to the computer, for the daily operation to add a little more convenience! As smartphones and tablets become more popular, instant mobile printing increases productivity and flexibility when viewing email, downloading photo files, or searching the Web for web materials from your phone! Canon PIXMA TR8620 photo printer supports a wide range of widely used applications, through cloud technology to connect to online content, no need to connect to the computer or Mobile devices that print social networking sites such as Facebook albums directly from printers, free online albums such as photos from CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, file-sharing sites such as photos from Dropbox, PDF files and files, and print templates from Canon Creative Park’s website. From this home, you can easily print all types of online content, experience a new era of faster and more convenient printing.

Canon PIXMA TR8620 Manual, User Guide, and Getting Started

Canon PIXMA TR8620 Manual

Read/Download Manual for Canon PIXMA TR8620 (User Manual)

Download the manual, User’s manual, or Getting Started Guide that necessary based on how you need it. the documents are can be used from basic to advanced printer users.

Canon PIXMA TR8620 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)
Size: 15.51MB

Canon PIXMA TR8620 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)
Size: 13.75MB

Canon PIXMA TR8620 Getting Started Guide
Size: 2.48MB

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To open the Canon PIXMA TR8620 manual file (if in pdf format), you need to use pdf reader/viewer to open the file. alternatively, you can open it from your browser directly.

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