Canon PIXMA TS202 Manual, User and Getting Started Guide

Home printers are not just products, but they do improve the quality of life and solve some of the pain points. Faced with the home market, there are a variety of needs, there will be different positioning models corresponding. The printer driver is the Canon PIXMA TS202 A4 face inkjet photo printer introduced the official driver, if the printer is not recognized by the computer or does not work properly, it is likely that because of the lack of drivers, only need to re-download the installation of the corresponding printer model driver. Apply the new 4-color FINE all-in-one cartridge for a comfortable printing experience with high speed and high quality: up to 320 black nozzles for sharper text printing and higher document printing speeds, as well as better color printing quality. The Canon PIXMA TS202 printer supports marginless photo printing (up to 4″x6″) for a better print experience and better photo output. When printing a document, the bottom margin is significantly reduced from a typical 16.7 mm to 5.0 mm, effectively expanding the document printing area. The body panel features a new material that effectively reduces fingerprints and scratch marks, and a simple diamond pattern design makes the product more aesthetically python cable. Additional large-capacity ink cartridges are available, printing volume is about 2 times higher than standard ink cartridges, Canon 4-color FINE all-in-one cartridges provide “mini, standard, XL large capacity” three optional, affordable, enjoy photo printing. The Canon PIXMA TS202 is a traditional box shape, as a new concept printer in this update, more closely linked to mobile phones. In addition to the usual printing and copying features, you can also take advantage of the “smartphone copy” feature in the Inkjet/SELPHY app, capture documents through the camera, automatically correct them within the app, and then wirelessly transfer them to the TS308 for copying/printing.

Canon PIXMA TS202 Manual, User Guide, and Getting Started

Canon PIXMA TS202 Manual

Read/Download Manual for Canon PIXMA TS202 (User Manual)

Download the manual, User’s manual, or Getting Started Guide that necessary based on how you need it. the documents are can be used by basic to advanced printer users.

Canon PIXMA TS202 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)
Size: 4.90MB

Canon PIXMA TS202 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)
Size: 4.15MB

Canon PIXMA TS202 Getting Started Guide
Size: 937KB

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To open the Canon PIXMA TS202 manual file (if in pdf format), you need to use a pdf reader/viewer to open the file. alternatively, you can open it from your browser directly.

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